Violence Against Women is Everyone’s Problem

  • Children from violent homes often feel lonely,¬†scared and sad.
  • Their school work can suffer.They can have problems making friends.
  • Children can be hurt if they try to protect their mother.
  • They may run away from home and get into trouble.
Violence at Home Leads to Violence in Society
  • Violence in the home teaches children that violence is a good way to solve problems.
  • Children from violent homes may become violent and hurt others.
Violence Against Women and Children is Costly for the Economy
  • Abused women often need medical care. This costs a lot of money.
  • Injured women need time off work to get better or go to court. They lose many hours of work.
  • Sexual harassment can lead to unemployment.
  • Women may leave their jobs, and girls may fail in school.
  • Abused women are unable to take part fully in society.